Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last letter in the MTC

It was a super fast week.  It was a good week though.  I'm getting reassigned to the Sports mecca city for mormons.  Thats just a hint. The weather has been really messed up here.  It was freezing cold until Wednesday and now its pretty warm.  Almost all the snow we had is gone.  There is maybe a inch in spots.  It is kind of nice to be in the warm weather again.  On Sunday we had a really good speaker.  He works at the mtc and we've heard from him before but he does a really good job.  He shows us whats important.  On Tuesday we have Julie Beck from the relief society presidency.  She did a fine job.  It wasn't really a motivational talk or spirtual it was more just about experiences.  She talked a lot about Brasil.  That was a good and bad thing.  Made us all want to be there.  But it will happen soon enough.  This wednesday was super busy.  In the morning we went to Pysical Therapy.  I loved it because i got to work out in their gym for an hour.  We are going again today so i'm excited.  After the PT we got to host and then we had TRC in the middle of hosting.  The morning flew by.  I only got to help host one sister before TRC.  This week TRC was awesome.  It went so well.  I have never felt so comfortable speaking and hearing the lesson.  It was good to go out on a good note, because i wont hear portugues for a while.  
Things are really winding down here.  It is crazy how fast time went.  It will probably only get faster.  I'm really nervous to leave the MTC but i'm glad because this place is getting old.  Also our Districts attitude has gone downhill lately.  It is pretty lame.  I don't like being around all the negativity.  I'm hoping that i'll have a pumped trainer who wants to succeed in the field.  It would make things a lot easier for me at least then trying to teach myself how to be a missionary.
Love you all,