Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Haha yeah the almost car wreck.  It was our fault...but to his credit it was raining as well and makes the roads slippery.  But yeah I my companion is a way better driver than the first one.  But you combine a Utah driver with California and you don't get a very good combo!  Well i do have a testimony that the lord is looking out for us because sometimes I wonder.  Anyways we are alive.  The companion that freaked out.  He isn't doing well.  He's sick or something...but he wont talk to us and help us know whats going on.  We will have to talk to President again.  But we went to the doctor this week for him.  It was a good experience for me.  When we were there the doctor did some tests and then was like what causes dizziness.  And from the tests I said inner ear.  He was like "Exactly...why aren't you in Med school!"  Haha i was like well i'm a pre-med major and plan on going back.  He said that if I keep my GPA and get like a 30 on the MCAT that i'll get into Med school easy.  That was a huge comfort to me. He was a super cool doctor.  I could of talked to him for a lot longer about it but I was able to.  He told me some good study information as well.  He told me to get a MCAT study book and just study for about an hour a day and you'll do fine on the test.  It was just a big comfort overall. 
This week has gone really fast.  We've had our ups and downs especially with our companion being sick and not letting us know what we can do to help.  Whatever...there is nothing else we can do. 
Today we went bowling as a zone.  We played 3 games.  It was the worst bowling of my life but it was really fun.  I need to get back into shape.  Too bad it wont happen on the mission.  I'm fixing my diet as much as I can...its starting to help. I was starting to gain way too much weight.  But now i'm getting semi-back into my old self.  As much as I can here. 
I saw President Wade and his wife on Saturday.  I had a good little chat with them.  His wife was like we are so happy that you're in the mission here and we want to keep you as long as possible in our mission.  That was nice...in a way.  At least they like me here but they also said they haven't heard anything about my visa.  Hopefully that changes.  I've learned a lot here but i'm ready to go to Brasil.  I get giddy when I hear spanish.  I don't even know what i'll be like when i hear Portugues. 
We are hoping to have a successful week.  We just got 3 referals....finally some referals.  So we have 6 investigators right now.  That is a good number...hopefully we will be able to get some more and start getting them to progress towards baptism...which is important.
Overall things are good.  There are definately days that are really hard and I don't want to keep going but somehow I get through that day and the next is always better.  I just have to remember to take it one day and step at a time.
We didn't get snow here unfortunately...my companion from Utah and me were praying for it.  It has been cold here though.  In the 30's at night.  It was suppose to snow though.  I really miss the snow...i don't think i'll see if for 2 years though.
Well i hope all is well.  I love and miss you all.
Elder Parsons