Saturday, November 27, 2010

MTC Days Continued

This past week went by really fast.  Every week goes by faster and faster.  This past tuesday for the devotional we heard from Per G. Malm for the second quorum of the 70.  He gave a great talk. He was a really funny guy as well.  He talked about how we are more prepared than we feel.  I sure hope he's right.  I guess we need to have faith as well, it will all work out though no matter.  He also talked about how its not a coincidence that you are on a mission right now.  There is a reason you're here now and not some other time.  That was right to me.  At the end of his talk he said "if we do the Lords work in the lords way....where are the limits?"  There aren't any if we do it that way. 
We get our temporary reassignments on Wednesday if we don't get our visas.  I get to call home then.  So if i get to choose the time when is the best and whose phone?  I don't think i get to talk long.  Maybe 5 minutes, so don't plan anything big.  The first two weeks i was here they got like 25 visas.  Since then there have been 5.  So they've slowed down a lot.  Who know's when they will come.  But I know i'll get it...its just a matter of when.  When we get our visas in the field we fly out as soon as possible.  We don't even wait for the next transfer.  I wouldn't be too disappointed to go stateside to see what a mission is like here and then go to Brasil.  It would be interesting to contrast.  I just hope i got to a warm spot because i don't want to get winter clothes for a short period of time.
It is really cold here.  There is hardly any snow.  They shut down BYU on Tuesday i think because there was suppose to be the worst storm in 65 years here.  There were maybe 12 MPH winds and a half a inch of snow.  Lamest storm ever.  I really wanted snow.  
My companion's back's been hurting him so we have been able to get off campus twice this last week and at least 2 more times this next week!  It felt so good to get out of the MTC grounds.  I was crazy to see the outside world again.  People that aren't always wearing suits and dresses.  But it was very liberating.  I can't wait to hit the field.  I'm nervous but I getting to comfortable here.  A mission is suppose to force you out of your comfort zone so i need to move on to the next step.  
Thanksgiving was surprisingly good.  It looked like it was going to be horrible at the beginning because of the schedule but at the morning fireside Elder Holland came and spoke with his family!  The first thing he said was we are going to be your family for the day.  That was pretty cool, if i can't be with my real family then being with an apostles family is a good second.  It was awesome to hear from him.   He is such a great speaker.  And his wife gave a really good talk as well.  He had his grandchildren sing a primary song to us it was really cute.  Made me think of Caiden and Bailey.  He had a lot of good things to say.  I wrote them down but i forgot to bring what he said.

- Elder Parsons

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