Monday, February 21, 2011

It was a crazy week.  We have been running around like crazy because of our baptism.  We ended having to make the program for it, so we were running around all day trying to get it made and then we went to the church to make copies and found out you need a password to make copies so we had to run to the Temple Visitor center across the street to make copies.  It was a stressful baptism.  I gave a talk as well on the Holy Ghost.  I guess it went well, that's what i was told at least.  Will got baptised the guy that Elder Wilde and I were teaching.  It was great to see him go through with it.  He was so excited after his interview!  We were suppose to have another person getting baptised but she called us saturday morning and said she needed more time.  She just disappeared.  We haven't been able to get in contact with her since then.  Her parents don't even know where she's at.  They called us asking if we had heard from her yet, because we left a message with them to give to her.  Hopefully she's fine and just left town for a little bit.  I saw Elder Wilde at the baptism this week.  Man am I glad that I have new companions.  I get along so much better with them.  Good things are happening.  We have 2 new investigators that we are teaching and another one that is starting to progress finally.  All people need to do is read and pray and they will know if its true.  But when they don't even keep simple commitments like that of course they aren't going to know if its true.  Oh well...everyone has their agency all we can do is present the information and what they need to do to find out for themselves if its true.
We have exchanges with the zone leaders this week.  It was a good experience to see another person's teaching style and how to do things. I really enjoyed the outcome. 
So last week we got close to a car wreck.  It was a little nerve racking I wont lie but nothing too bad.  But our other companion freaked out.  When we got back to the apartment we got out of the car and were walking to the apartment and looked back and Elder P (other Elder) was still in the car.  He hadn't moved.  We went back and he was in shock big time.  He wasn't there at all. It took us like 40 minutes to get him with us enough to get to the apartment.  He said at one point..."We're not going to die?"  I knew it was bad when he said that.  The kid driving felt so bad.  But our comp just freakes out about everything.  After about 2 hours he was fine.  Also he's got fainting issues.  We think we've come to the conclusion that he has sleeping issues.  He's been tested for everything but sleep disorders.  He's really stubburn and acts like nothings wrong but he doesn't remember a thing that happened on Friday.  Its kind of scary.  President knows about it and is forcing him to go to the doctor.  I'm glad about that.  I really feel like they will find something this time and he'll be fine.  But the problem needs to be addressed.
The weather isn't so nice anymore.  Its been raining and cold.  The "mountains" more like big hills here have snow on them.  That doesn't happen much i guess.  There is ice in the morning as well.  Its freezing at night.  I miss the warm.  If its going to be cold it needs to snow.  None of this no snow and cold. 
We got to go to the temple this week!  It was so nice to go.  I miss it so much.  It felt like going through for the first time again.  I can't believe how much i forgot of it.  It was really nice to get to go through again though.  I wish we could go every week.  I miss that about the MTC...other than that I like the field more.  Its crazy how fast this transfer has gone.  There is only 2 more weeks until the next transfer.
Well things are pretty good here.  Still waiting for my visa.  But it will come when its suppose to.  There are a lot of good things happening here. 
Elder Parsons

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