Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 60

The above pictures were from a nature reserve-Park Veracel, he visited.

 Hey family,

It was a fast week here.  We had interviews with President Tuesday.  It went well...i passed and can stay on the mission..haha.  He did the interviews during lunch in Porto Seguro so he took us out to lunch and paid for us.   

The christmas season is starting to come here.  The put up lights on the power poles here.  Its pretty cool looking.  But i´m still not a fan of the no snow part.  Its just not the same without snow.  But oh well...i guess i should count my blessings.  Oh i receive your christmas package.  Thanks for everything and everyone that wrote are included notes.  I enjoyed it a lot.

I´m trying to remember what happened this week that is worth writing about.  And for some reason i´m drawing a blank right now.  Did the normal stuff.  One day when we were tracting we tracted into a guy that has tried about every religion.  I started to get excited because it was like being in California again.  He was very educated and knew a lot about the religions.  I really miss this part of the mission in cali...we had a lot of deep conversations about religion.  Unfortunately you usually don´t see results with these types of people.  Just a good conversation.  

This is the last week before transfers.  I think that i´ll be leaving.  I´m ready to leave.  I have 6 months here.  Its time for a change of scenery.  But we will see what the Lord has in store for me.  There are a lot of members that don´t want me to leave...i´ll miss some of them.  But change is good as well.  Oh last night there were a bunch of football games with big teams playing.  One of the big teams won and the other lost.  After the game there was a prosession of cars and motorcycles for about an hour or so with people yelling and screaming.  They were are crazy about football here.  But it was kind of cool as well.

Well i love and miss you all,

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