Tuesday, January 25, 2011

  Well i'm still here in the field. I'm definately learning patience.  My companion is not my first choice of a friend.  He seems so young and imature.  I didn't realize how blessed i was in the MTC to have companions that we mature for their age.  It will be good for me though because i do need to be more patient.  It just makes this even harder. 
  Right now the work is dead here.  Pretty much all we are going to be doing for a while is tracting.  I hate tracting...but it is a huge part of the mission so i guess i should learn to like it.  We went tracting the other day because we were waiting for one of our appointments to start.  We tracting this nice neighborhood.  It was the best tracting experience i've had to date...which doesn't take much to make it better then getting cussed out and door slammed in your face.  Anyways we tracted this road and the worst thing that happened was we got attacked by a dog.  But the dog didn't go after me really i ran away before it got to me it almost got my companion a bunch of times though.  But we actually ran into quite a few nice people.  Most weren't interested but we got let into one house.  That was kind of a nice experience.  They were a super nice family, but they weren't very interested in our message they were very strong in their faith.  But we did tract into this one guy that let us come back and teach him that night.  He was super nice.  Hopefully we will be able to go back and teach him.  Right now he is super busy with the christmas season.  Everyone is; no one really wants to talk until after christmas.  After tracting we went over to our appointment.  It turns out the kid wasn't very interested in learning more. But he's a really cool guy.  He's in film school right now.  He wants to make a documentary of us.  I think that would be kind of cool.  We will see, i don't think the president will let us though.  But we might have his sister and his mom to teach now.  They seemed pretty interested.  So hopefully something good comes from it.
  I love going over to the members homes for dinner.  It is such a nice escape.  You are liked again, its almost like my little sancuary.  There are a lot of interesting people in the wards here though but it makes for an interesting conversation.  There is this one guy in the ward that is so cool.  He is the best missionary minded member i've met in my life.  I guess he's been where most of the lessons come from.  We have 2 investigators right now because of him and 2 recent converts that we are teaching.  His house is one of the places i like to go. 

There is this missionary in my district.  I love the kid.  He is from the Philipeans.  He made me feel welcomed from the start.  He is really short like 4 foot 0, but his heart is super big.  Right now his is super sick.  His been to the hospital a few times but they don't know whats wrong.  He faints mulitple times a day.  We had to go over to his appartment the other day and help them take stuff down to the car for their baptism.  And he fainted when we were there.  We were walking him to the car after he woke up and i was helping him down the stairs and he kept saying he was fine but i was basically carrying him.  If i let him go he would have fell.  I wish there was something i could do for him.  He has such a big heart and he just wants to help others.  But there's not much i can do.  He just needs to follow the doctors and rest.  Hopefully he gets better.
  There is a recent convert in the ward of the other missionaries in our appartment that is from Brasil.  I got to talk to her yesterday!  It was so cool.  She was telling me all about Salvador.  I'm so stoked.  It sounds like such a cool place.  I will have a lot of stories that is for sure.  Hopefully i don't die, because there is a lot of messed up stuff that goes on there.  But she said it was beautiful.  She said you'll have to go to the Amazon as well and the south to experience all of Brasil.  I just want to go to Brasil.  California is retarted.  The weather here is horrible its always cold and rainy.  I've never been so cold in my life.  But i'll probably be the hottest i've ever been in Brasil.

Well i love and miss you all i hope that everything is well.
Elder Parsons      

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