Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 We were at a members home last night they have the coolest kid.  He is like 18 months old.  So much fun.  Transfer calls came in.  I'm getting a new companion.  I'll be in a 3-some until i get my visa.  Last week someone got there visa thats going to Salvador.  They are finally coming!  I'm way stoked to leave.  Everyone that i've talked to has so much awesome stuff to say about Salvador and Brasil.  It will be fun.
The mission has been a great learning experience here.  I love learning more about the gospel.  I'm in helaman right now in the Book of Mormon.  It is so hard to put it down.  Everyday the book of mormon gets better!  I love it.  I'm also reading Jesus the Christ.  That book is so amazing.  I've learned so much from it.  I'd recommend reading it.  Our mission President gave us a challenge to do an activity in Preach my Gospel.  Its on page 114 under mission president 3 bullot point.  He promised and increased faith in Christ and the gospel if we do this activity.  I'm trying to finish the BOM fast so i can start over and do this activity.  I thought i'd share it with you all because it can increase everyone's faith not just a missionaries.  I've definatly found that as i've studying the scriptures.  It is amazing what that has done for my testimony.  It grows every day.  I don't really like the trials.  But i love the growth that comes from trials.   So i guess in a round about way i do like trials. 
I know that this is the true church and that Joseph Smith restored it.  And that the book of morman is true.  If we read it everyday we will have our testimonies strengthened.  It really is as simple as that.
Elder Parsons

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