Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 50

Hey Family,

The Transfer ended well here for me.  We had a baptism which was a blessing.  Its weird to think that 3 months have already passed for me here in Eunánoplis.  Elder Mafra my companion will be leaving for his house tomorrow, he finished his mission.  I hope that I never am a companion with someone going home.  It just makes things harder, he was really cool but was trunky.  My new companion is really cool.  I´ve already had divisions with him.  I also was made senior.   That will be a learning experience for me, but should be good.  I guess its time I am senior...i´ll have a year in 2 weeks.  I´m excited that he is Brazilian also.  It really helps to learn the language when your companion only knows portuguese.  When I get home i wont be able to talk in English that could be a problem...but i´ll deal with that when that time comes.
The weather has been messed up here as well.  The other week was extremely hot and this week has been cold.  I´ve been cold here and that is a new.  I´d rather have it be cold than hot though so i´m not complaining.  I hope I just don´t get sick with the weather changes.

Well i love and miss you all,

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