Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 51

Hey Family!

The weather is as messed up there as it is here.  It´s hot one day and cold the next.  This type of weather is not good for staying healthy.  The hot weather here is brutual as well.  I´m not sure what i´ll do when its summer....melt?  Haha i think that the sun is a lot stronger here or closer. 

Being senior is a lot different.  We will see.  My companion is a lot different than he was in Salvador.  He doesn´t have much energy at all.  The only thing that´s good about this is it is forcing me to talk alot and well do about everything.  I´m hoping that he will rejuvinate and have energy.  He is a nice kid but does stuff that annoys me.  I just need to have patience.  It will be good.  

We had some interesting lessons this week.  I knocked the door of an 7th day adventists.  It was an interesting lesson.  They just wanted to argue and I kept saying pray and God will give you an answer.  In the end they gave us a book about what they believe.  Haha it is apostasy but I was stoked to get it.  We also had the Mom of one of our investigators finally come to church this week.  I´m hoping she will progress and be baptised but we will see.  It has changed her daughter a lot for the better.  

I´m really excited for conference this weekend!  The only bummer is it will be in portuguese and we wont be able to watch the priesthood session!  The best session of them all.  I`ll have to download the talks when they stick them on the internet.  It is always such a great experience to hear the Prophet speak!  The last sessions were so powerful!  It was great to be able to watch them all before I left for Brazil.  I didn´t know what I had there until it was gone...I´m trying to be better about that.  Enjoy the little things more.

I´ve heard about the soup with blood in it.  Luckily I haven´t had it.  But i´ve eaten a few things amost as bad...for the most part the food is pretty good and safe.  Rice and beans with meat.  Can´t go wrong with those ingredients.

Well I love and miss you all,


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