Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 53

Hi Family,

This week went by really fast.  I had a division with the zone leaders this week and for the first time it was actually a good experience.  He helped a lot.  Most of the time divisions are just annoying and nothing is learned.  Finally we are starting to revive the area.  We have a few investigators right now that are progressing.  It is nice to work with people that want to learn more.  Our problem now is the President in the branch.  He is trying to split our dupla from the other dupla.  There is such a divide in the branch.  The members against the President....the sad thing is the President is in the wrong most of the time.  It really makes things difficult here.  I´m just hoping that things will get better.  But the positive is the members are good.

This week wasn´t too bad for heat.  It was overcast all week.  I´ve always had problems with the heat in the summer.  My body just doesn´t like it.  I will just watch and see if I continue to have problems or not.  

I love you all,

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