Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 55

Hey family,
It was a crazy week here.  My companion was sick the beginning of the week we had zone conference Thursday and then I got sick that night.  All in all we didn´t get too much done this week.  We had a interesting experience in church this week though.  Our investigator there has some problem.  I´m not sure what but he takes medicine to be semi normal.  Anyways at church he began to hit on the young women.  I was like hey you can´t do this in church.  He replied I´m Bahiano...which just means he´s from Bahia the state.  My companion was like it doesn´t make any difference what state you´re from.  The sad thing is that his comment pretty much explains the morals here...or the lack there of.  Then he ran into the Primary and sat down.  We were like can we watch the primary and the sister said we could.  Man it was an interesting Sunday.  I was so embarressed.  I had to apologize to the girls.  Oh well...its a experience to write in the journal. 
This week the weather was almost cold all week.  Its been raining a lot.  It feels like fall...i´m just sad that it will leave and turn on not cold.  Haha. 
You are right Dad...i do need to appreciate how little I have to worry about right now.  This is only a time to learn things for my future that will help.  I know they will...I wish it wasn´t so stressful but we don´t get what we always want. 
There were a lot of good talks this conference!  I enjoyed listening to them.  I want to go back and listen to them in English...we will see if that will happen here on the mission or not.  But I learned a lot from the conference.
Well I love and miss you all,

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