Tuesday, November 1, 2011

week 56

Hey family,

   This week was a little rough and good at the same time.  Our 2 baptisms fell.  But we found a family and a couple other good investigators.  It was pretty hot this week as well.  I´m not a fan of the heat.  Hopefully i can get used to it.  Transfers came and i´ll be here for one more transfer with my companion.  6 months in an area...i´m torn on it.  Oh well there are some good things happening so hopefully things only get better.  
This week we went home teaching with the Elders quorum president.  It was so awesome to do this type of teaching.  So much diferent then what we do everyday.  I really enjoyed the experience.
Its weird here.  They know its halloween but they don´t celebrate it.  Probably because they have 4 or 5 holidays a month!  Haha its ridiculous how many holidays they have here.  But they already have stuff out for christmas!  Its good and bad...i´m waiting for snow and family but that will have to wait for another year.  Oh well.  But we will be doing some cool things with a few of the members in the branch for christmas.  We are going to make cookies and create a message about christmas and go to less actives and sing a christmas song and give them a christmas present with cookies and a message.  I think it will be really sweet!  At least we are hoping it will be.  
 Well I hope all goes well...and if it snows this week think of me and send it this way.


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