Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 58

Hey Family,

It was extremely nice to finally do something on P-day.  It is so hard to do things here because this city literally has nothing to do.  The palm tree was nice....unfortunately it was just a picture and leave type of situation because we didn´t have time to stay.  It was a little hectic of a day but it was fun.  

This week was a really up and down week.  We started working in another area this week that is really far away.  It was super successful and we were excited to have a lot of people in church.  Also Saturady night a family we have been working with decided they finally wanted to get baptised!  They passed the interviews and everything.  After we went to the church around 9:30 at night to start filling the font.  We were there until 11:30 and it still wasn´t filled but enough that we could return a little earlier Sunday morning.  Oh side note when we were filling the font a bug that looked like a centipede popped out of the drain.  My companion freaked out and was like that is more poisonous than a scorpion.  Luckily we had no problems killing it.  I´m not a fan of all the bugs that can kill you here but oh well.  So Sunday morning we got to church around 8 to finish filling the font.  The baptism was at 8:30.  In the end they didn´t show and they wouldn´t answer their phone and to top it off we had 0 investigators at church.  So the end of the week was a little disappointing but at least it started well.  

We are teaching this one lady right now that is so awesome.  She would have gone to church but there was a mix up on the times...long story.  Anyways she is so cool.  She is the most Mom like of anyone i´ve met on the mission.  She is always giving us food and the lessons are really good.  Too bad everyone isn´t like that.  

Oh Mom the Elder that´s sick is from Argentina.  He is still in Salvador and the last time he talked to us he was the same.  Well he´s not in the hospital but he still has the same symptoms.  He has bad pain in his lower back...also there are other side effects.  But the doctors still don´t know what he really has because the symptoms keep changing.  Whatever it is it seems bad.  Knocked him out of work for a month now.

Well I hope that its a good week.

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