Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 57

Hey Family!

Wow maybe this coming week I will write to you on P-day, haha.  Yesterday was awesome!  We had to go to an area an hour away from Eunápolis to pick up an Elder there to be the companion of the Distict leader here because his companion the one in the hospital was sent to Salvador until he gets better.  Anyways the area close by is very touristy so we spent to whole day there.  It worked out nice because we will receive a reebursment for going there because we had to pick up the other elder.  We went to the area the Portuguese discovered Brazil and passed through the old city.  It was cool.  Also they had people there dancing a native dance.  Then we went to a Indian reserve and had a tour.  It was cool but super hot all day.  I got sun burned.  Also we walked a lot so i´m a little sore right now.  I´ll send photos.
This week wasn´t that good for the work because we spent a lot of time in the hospital with the other elder.  But we did have a really spiritual experience this week.  We left the hospital after lunch to go to some apointments with our investigators.  When I got there I was like I have no idea what to teach we haven´t planned anything or talked about teaching them.  I was like well we need to pray first in the lesson and then we will go from there.  After the prayer I knew what we needed to teach.  This happened 2 times.  That night my companion was talking with me and was like I had the impression we needed to talk about the commandment you taught and you started teaching it.  It was a huge blessing because we were not prepared to teach anything.  Without the help of God this work isn´t possible.  These experiences are what help build my faith and testimony.  And I need them because you get kicked down more than lifted up on the mission.
This transfer has started out a lot better for us. We are finally getting people to go to church.  We have had at least one person in church each sunday.  I´m hoping that it will stay that way so that we can start seeing some results here.  It makes it a lot easier when you see results.  
Well I love and miss you all.  I hope that you have fun in the snow!  

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