Sunday, October 31, 2010

MTC Days Continued

Things are going pretty well here.  The MTC is finally starting to go faster. We had snow here this week.  I was so happy.  I love the snow and i'm going to miss it alot.  We had a snowball fight which was a lot of fun.  We're not sure if thats allowed but no one has said anything yet.  The weather is absolutly beautiful today though.  High 60's.  We went to the temple today and did sealings.  That was an amazing experience to see what goes on.  Makes so much more sense and makes me want to stay worthy for those amazing blessings.  What a gift!  Its always great to feel the spirit of the temple too.  Its probably the only reason i make it through the week is because we go to the temple every P-day.  Just the best ever!
The visa situation is making us all super annoyed and angry.  Its like they don't even care about us.  The travel office here is a bunch of ignorant people.  They say they don't know anything about our visa's.  Isn't their job to find out for us whats going on.  We can't do it.  I'm not sure about that electronic visa thing.  There have been people that haven't done it and gotten their visa...and vice versa.  If you ever get time maybe you could contact the LDS travel office and see what the real problem really is.  Because we've heard so many rumors and we're getting a little tired of feeling like no one cares about us here.  There hasn't been a single visa for Brazil issued since i've been here.  I guess i'll stop ranting...but it'd be really nice to be in Brazil so we could really start learning the language.
Last week we prepared our talks in Portuguese, so for the rest of the time they're be in Portuguese.  I don't think i'm picking it up super fast.  But i'm also always hard on myself and expect a lot so i really don't know how bad i'm doing. There are 13 missionaries in our district...and around 300 people going to Brazil here all waiting for visas.  
We had Elder Scott come and talk to us on Tuesday.  It was the most powerful talk i've heard in a long time.  It was a truely awesome experience to be at it.  He bestowed many apostalic blessings on us...very humbling experience the ones i remember off the top of my head were the gift of tongues and the blessing of greater success when we get back from our missions...or something to that effect.  It was quite amazing! 

Elder Parsons

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