Thursday, May 19, 2011


hey familiy!
Wow it was a hecktic week.  So P-day was changed because of transfers.  So I didn´t get to email till today.  But this next week it should be on monday.  Also a lot has changed.  Elder Hales and I are in a different area.  The stake president is in our ward so the zone leaders have to be in the same ward as he is.  Its lame but oh well.  The area we are going to is a lot richer so i like that part more.  Also the area is pumbing right now with investigators.  So is this area we would have had at least 5 baptism this month.  But right now i´m showing the zone leader around the area until sunday.  He doesn´t speak english so it is hard to communicate.  But we have a baptism i hope this saturday so it will be a good end to a great area.  Its been colder here.  I´ve actually been cold a couple of days.  But its because its been raining.  Maybe i´m getting used to it here a little. 
Brasil has money...just not in the north.  It is a lot poorer here than the south.  My comp says his area is so rich.  There is tons of money celebrities and pro athletes there. He´s in Florianopolis though.  The yougurt and the ice cream aren´t very good here.  I miss real ice cream.  I think that mcdonalds soft serve ice cream is better than the stuff they have here.  And pizza is terrible here. They don´t know how to make one at all.  Oh well i´m just not much for the food.  But i´m still alive.


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