Monday, May 9, 2011

(We got to call Garrett for Mother's Day so this week his email wasn't too long. He said that things are picking up. They seem to be able to find investigators, but not a lot that will commit or follow through. That is the frustrating thing he said and of course not knowing the language right now. Following Garrett's update are some pictures he just sent. I would guess that the first photo was in the MTC and next photo when he was in CA, and possible the last photo was in Brazil)
It was great to talk to you all as well.  I really missed hearing all of your voices.  But it sounds like things are going well there.  I´m not that frustated.  I like it here overall better than california...missions in general are just really hard no matter where you are.  But its better here.  I know that the Lord has helped me a lot already.  I still have a long way to go.  I´m just not patient.  But it will come.  Haha....i´d take cold weather any day right now.  The crisp cold air is so nice.  It is really refeshing.  You never get that here.  It always feels like you´re dirty or just not very clean.


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