Wednesday, May 4, 2011

They don´t have 5 of maio here.  I can´t remember when their independence is. I think its the end of July though or June.  I guess its a terrible time of the year because all they do here is drink during the holidays.  There is a really sad story about drinking.  We got a referal to teach this guy.  We taught him the first lesson..he was drunk so we were going to go back and teach it again the next week when hopefuly he was sober.  When we stopped by to see him his wife informed us that he had died a couple days ago from alcohol poisoning.  Its sad how much they drink here.  They just don´t want to get out of their rut.  All we can do is try.
The Baha was awesome.  Its right along the ocean.  It was so clean and really nice looking here.  There are a lot of tourist attractions there.  There was this guy selling necklaces.  He kept trying to get us to buy but he wanted 15 for one.  We ended up getting 2 for 15 so it worked out in the end.  It was really fun to go down there for P-day though.  I enjoyed it a lot.  We wanted to do something like that today but we had to go to the airport so that I could get finger printed for the police.  If they didn´t do it I would be deported.  It was a pain.  We got to the airport at 10 and didnt get back til 2!  There went our P-day.  Oh well i guess it will be next week that we do something. 
So on Sunday we are get to call home.  Well can you call here actually.  Call at 6:00 pm my time.  I think you´re 4 hours behind but im not sure so like 2 your time. We get to call on Saturday for like 5 minutes to see if everything works.  I´m going to try my calling card but if it doesn´t work i´ll ask to check my email, so email me back before sunday just with the information if that works or not. 
Also FYI...our P-day will be on Monday from now on.  So you´ll have to send emails a different day. 
I know we are trying to be safe.  We only go into the bad area´s when we have appointments with investigators.  And yeah there are people that get robbed at gun point.  It happens a decent amount thats why they say to bring a little cash.  But they don´t shoot people unless they are stupid.  We are trying to be safe...but its hard when the whole bahio is pretty unsafe.  We don´t intentionally go into places thinking that we are invisible.  But I feel that we are watched out for.  I know what you mean about missionaries taking things too personal.  I´ve done it myself here.  Its just becuase the work is so hard.  But I don´t take pride or act like i´m happy that they don´t accept.  My comp and I are just like its your lose not ours and move on.  If they don´t want to listen theres nothing we can do about it.
We are getting the support of the members which is great.  It really helps us out.
The language is coming slowly.  It really depends on the person.  I hate not being able to talk...i feel like a little kid and at times useless here.  But everyone feels that way or thats what they say.  It will come some day.  I´ve only had a couple of people laugh at me when I talk to thats a plus I guess.  Im just trying to stay positive about the whole situation.  My comp is awesome so it makes up for the difficulties.

Well I love and miss you all.  Garrett

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