Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey Familiy,
I´m not sure what all the pictures were.  My companion now is the tall one thats pointing at me.  We are both in sunday clothes.  The other pictures with other people are all in Oakland.  My companions name is Elder Hales.  He is way cool.  The picture with all the high rises in the background is the view from our appartment.  You can´t really see how ghetto it is because we are in the better area.  But you walk a minute or less and you are in the ghetto.  I´m going to take a picture from the church soon that really shows our area well. 
Its been hot here.  And i´m not used to it.  I haven´t heard of anyone that does get used to it.  Missionaries that have been here for almost 2 years still have trouble in it.  It´s just really hot.  I´m not a huge fan of the heat.  It really does make you appreciate seasons.  You just need to live somewhere where you never get snow and its depressing.  Oh well its not too bad here.  I like it actually...mostly.  Our area is Engelho Federaçao.  Or something like that.  The church is on Cardial Da Silva.  Its one of the nicest in the mission so thats cool.  There are a lot of members here.  We just need them to all be active and then we´d have like 6 wards.  But we only have there are a lot of inactive members. 
It was a crazy week.  The house numbers here are retarded. They jump all over the place.  You´ll see 4, 6, 8, then 150  I´m not exagerating either.  It makes it really hard to find where people live.  We´ll ask people and they don´t even know and they live here.  Or we´ll go the the number of the house and the people will be like no they live in the alley behind us.  But it has the same number for like 5 houses.  Its dumb.  Makes things fun though i guess.  The holiday was terrible for work here.  Everyone was either drunk or gone.  Not much success happens when people are like that.  I´ve started to see a lot of sad things around here.  Besides the parents teaching their daughters to be whores when their are born which really bothers me there are a lot of kids that do drugs here.  We walked by some teenagers doing cocain on a car in the middle of the day.  I didn´t like seeing that.  One of the kids looked like it was his first time...or what i´d assume to be a first time.  He was way gone.  I dunno maybe you always look that way when you do cocain.  It was messed up.  I don´t know why people here don´t just stay in school and make something of their lives.  Its frustrating.  Everything is really expenisive here.  Especially things we take for electronics.  They are through the roof here.  And cars...don´t complain about them being expensive in the states.  A VW Gol is 33,000.  ITs so small.  The Jetta is 84,000!  Its unreal and the average person here only makes like 600 a month.  Thats Reaize too!  Wow I´m not going to complain about prices anymore.  They do have really good juice here though.  I love it.  The members usually make us juice for lunch.  We have real Bahian food for the holiday.  I don´t like it at all!  Its horrible.  I wish it was what Mark said steak and seafood.  But its not.  I don´t even know how to describe it but its no good.  I´ve had some weird stuff here already.  One day we had cow stomach.  I didn´t eat much it was so bad.  And another time we had liver.  I can eat liver but its not good either.  Mostly the food isn´t too bad though.  Beans and rice.  Can´t go wrong there.  The music here sucks.  Oh i hate it.  All it a crappy beat with a guy rapping the same 3 words the whole song. So dump!  It gets annoying.  All the brasilians say the music is bad here though so its just Bahia.  I guess Bahia is about as redneck as it gets in Brasil.  OH well.  Crazy things on sunday we were contacting on the street.  I was walking away from this lady that i had just contacted when this man walking towards me started talking to me in English.  The first time anyone has done that.  He was like be careful this is a dangerous street.  And then left.  So we left as well.  Too bad we have to go down that street because the bank is there.  I feel protected though so I think I´ll be fine.  Monday night was a little scary.  We were walking home around 9 and we started walking up these stairs.  At the top I look up and there are 10 military cops with guns out!  Not pointed at me though.  As I was moving over to the side to let them by because they were doing a drug raid or something a guy with a fully automatic rifle steps infront of me to come down the steps, I just moved out of the way.  I thought i was going to die for a little bit though.  Not just got my heart racing.  They do things here differently than in America.  I didn´t want to take the chance.  On a brighter note last night we started a bet with a member.  They are really cool.  They are sisters and both served missions. They have helped us a lot to find people and teach.  And I don´t like them because they are women...either.  They are just good missionary minded members.  But we have a bet with one of them.  She is going to do push up and we have to beat her number by 20.  If we do we get a pizza.  If not we buy her one.  We are holding the competition in 2 weeks.  I´m excitd.  We did pushups last night though. Im really glad we have 2 weeks to get into shape for it.  Oh so our power was turned off for almost 2 days because the bill hadn´t been paid in 3 months.  I guess the secretaries never found out that we had moved 3 months ago.  We got it turned on but we had to walk to the office which is a 25 minute walk one way to get the proof that it had been paid. Its all good now.  Adds to the excitment. 
Well i love you all and hope things continue to go well,
Oh we are going to the Baha today.  The huge elevator and the sights around it.  I´ll let you know how it was next week.

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