Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sent March 14, 2011
Transfers were Tuesday.  So Elder Peralta went to San Francisco.  He wasn't too excited about leaving.  I don't know why because he didn't seem to like it here.  He's a special individual.  I was able to see another one of the Elders that came out with me that's waiting for a visa.  It was really good to talk to him.  Another Elder from my district got his Visa just last week.  Thats a good sign.  He did his online paper probably a week or so before mine.  So maybe I'll leave soon.  That would be nice. 
We are trying to build up the area.  We have very few investigators.  I'm burnt out on California.  I really just want to leave.  Its been a huge struggle to stay positive and keep going.  But maybe thats just what a mission is.  Hopefully things change and get better soon.
We went around with a Lao member one day this week.  It was really helpful.  He was able to translate for us and take us to people we didn't know about.  We are going to be teaching a 8 year old girl now that wants to be baptised because of it.  There was a Lao birthday party this Sunday that our ward mission leader wanted us to go to and get in contact with less active Lao members.  We went and right when we stepped in the door we were going to leave.  It was at a community center.  They have huge birthday parties.  There was like 100 people there.  We would of left right away but the releif society councilor pulled us over to her table and was like get food.  It wasn't a good missionary place.  We left as soon as we could get out.
We heard about the Japan earthquake and tsunami.  It sounds like it did tons of damage!  I'm glad it didn't happen here.  I guess the waves weren't that big here.  They only did a little damage.  But nothing too big.  But its crazy how many disasters have been happening and how frequently they are happening.  Its a sign.
We have a baptism planned for this coming Sunday.  It looks like everything will work out. Hopefully it does and its a successful week.  It would be even more successful if I left for Brasil.
Elder Parsons


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