Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finally in Brazil!

Hello family,
Well I finally made it to Brasil.  The flight from Atlanta was a pain.  They had too much fuel to take off so they were trying to burn it off but idling the plane.  Seemed like a waste of gas to me but oh well.  Then that didn´t work so we had to redock and they unloaded fuel.  We made it to Sao Paulo late and missed our flight to Salvador.  So we didn´t get to Salvador until around 8.  Wow Brasil isn´t america that´s for sure.  I thought i was going to die in the ride from the airport to the mission home.  There was a motorcyclist that ran into the back of a car next to us and we ran over the bike and i think the guys leg was under the bike and we just kept going.  The missionaries wanted the driver to stop, but i guess they do things different here.  It was messed up.  The mission President is really good.  I can´t use photobucket.  I´m bummed about that.  But oh well. 
Wow...i don´t understand the language as well.  It is really hard.  I´m so used to being able to take the lead and teach and now i can barely say anything.  Its going to be really hard for a while, hopefully it will start to come sooner than later though.  The area i´m in is pretty much a flavela.  It´s eye opening coming from America.  I thought our area was ghetto.  I guess american´s don´t know what ghetto is.  Oh will come. 
My companion seems like a really good elder.  He is willing to help and wants to.  That will make a huge difference.  Missions are all about patience i need to learn the language.  Prayer and patience.  Oh i forgot our house is above a bar.  That will be interesting.  Its all about the experience right?
It was really good to talk to you all in the airport.  I wish I could more often but its not possible.  I tried to call Grandma and Grandpa but they didn´t accept my call.  Tell them hi and i love them for me. 
The weather is ridiculous here.  I´m dying!  It is so hot.  I haven´t sweat this much in my life.  When you take a cold shower it feels like its warm water, even when its on the coldest setting.  I don´t think my shirts will stay very white this way.  I only need them for another year and a half anyways.
Well I hope all is going well.  I love and miss you all. 

Elder Parsons

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