Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sent March 7, 2011
So tranfer day is tomorrow.  I'm staying with Elder Christensen and Elder Peralta the sick one is leaving for San Fran!  Thats a little weird...hopefully President didn't receive revelation that i'm going to be staying for a long time.  I'm doing my best to stay patient and try and realize that i'm here for a reason.  It is just hard at times for me since i've been out for 5 months already.  It's time to get to Brasil.  It will be nice in a way that he is leaving because then we wont have to worry about his health problems anymore...and we are going to start running!  I'm stoked about that.   I've wanted to go running for so long and we couldn't because of his health.  So I'll be able to get back into shape again!  Finally!
This week was ok.  Some days were better than others.  But last night was really good.  We were able to take an investigator to a baptism and then to the VC and watch God's plan for Us.  It was such a good experience.  We set another baptismal date with her!  We have 2 weeks to get her completely will work out i feel.  She really wants to be baptised...she just has a couple doubts nothing big though.   We have started receiving a lot more referals lately.  That is a really nice new experience.  So much more productive and nicer than knocking doors.  
Overall things are going pretty well.  Progress is being made.  I just need to remember to have patience and look on the bright side and the days go a lot better.  Well I hope all is well.
Elder Parsons

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