Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sent March 28, 2011
Ola Familia!
I understand what you mean about the weather this last week.  It rained so hard here this past week.  It was flooding in spots. 
Oh i'm so stoked that my visa is in!  I hope that i'm there before conference or after because I don't want to miss it.  But I shouldn't get too excited I still need to work here until I leave.  I'm going to miss the Lao ward a lot and a good number of the people in the English ward. 
We had zone conference this week.  It was really good.  There was a lot of good learning and practicing that went on.  It was also really nice to see a lot of people from other areas.  Zone conference took up pretty much all of Friday.  So we just had to do stuff that evenening.  For some reason all of our evening appointments have been falling through.  It makes things really hard.  It would be nice to have a night where everything worked out for once.  But that's what makes a mission fun...right?  The trials.  Oh well its not that bad.
I went on companion exchanges with another elder on Wednesday.  It was really good.  It was nice to be back in my old appartment and with a Elder that was there when I was.  We had dinner with this really rich member.  Their house was on the water!  And they had a sail boat that was 70 ft long.  It was so nice!  He took us through it and showed us his shop where he makes parts for it.  He built the boat from scratch.  Designed it and built it all.  It was really cool.  Also that day we went over to a less active members house.  When we were talking they asked where I was from.  And they knew where I was from.  We talked about Cour D' Alene for a minute.  It was nice that someone else knew my home area.  We also had a good lesson with them.  They act like they are still active...they just don't go to church.  It was crazy.
The weather this week is suppose to be sunny!  I'm excited.  We haven't seen the sun in 2 weeks.  It has been miserable here lately.  The sun is a great way to start the week off.  We have a new investigator that we've been teaching.  He is an African American Jew.  And he meets with the Jehovah Witnesses as well as knows that Joseph Smith is a Prophet.  We will see if it goes anywhere.  He is a really good guy and asks good questions.  Hopefully he will feel the spirit and know that this is what he is looking for.
Well have a good week.  I hope that Moscow isn't too terribly cold for you.
I love you all,
Elder Parsons

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