Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The money was the mission money.  And the system was just down for a while there was another missionary that came the same time as me that didn´t have money on his card either.  They give us debit cards to use.  I haven´t used my personal card since i´ve been here in Brasil and I don´t plan on it unless i have too.  Also we only get 200 real so like 140ish US maybe depending on the exchange rate.  Things are really expensive here actually especially food but i think that it will be enough.  I have money now, so its good.
My rash is almost gone.  I stuck anti-fungal cream and that powder on it and its done a lot.  My blister...i dont know what happen there.  My skin just like separate from my foot in one spot.  And came off.  It still hurts but it seems to be fine other than that.  Too bad we walk everywhere here though. 
This past week was a lot better.  The language is hard and i´ve got little patience but ever elder that I talk to says that i´m speaking more than they did with 2 weeks under their belt.  So that is good news. I just want to be fluent right now, that is my biggest problem.  I know that this is good and this is how I will grow.  I keep having to remind myself that.  I wish that there were an easier way than this but there isn´t. 
Monday-Tuesday I was on exchanges with other elders.  It was ok.  On Monday I was with an Elder that only spoke Portugues.  I was surprised however at how much we understood each other.  We actually had conversations.  But it was still not comfortable to talk in Portugues.  Then on Tuesday I was with an American Elder. We had some crazy experiences.  About the money in Brasil.  Their is a huge difference from the rich and the poor.  Night and Day.  We went to see this less active member in a apartment complex that was gated.  Only the kid was there so we were leaving and met someone that wanted to learn more about the gospel. We taught the first lesson and then after we were invited to get some Juice and meet the rest of the family in her apartment.  It was so nice.  We were waiting in chairs that were like lazy boys when a servent brought us juice and cookies on a silver platter!  It was crazy.  They were all really nice.  After we left and went to the sister of one of the companions the  Elder I was with had.  Thats long and i hope it makes sense.  Anyways shes not a member and the old comp wanted us to go by and try to teach her.  She lives in the super rich area.  They actually had lawns.  It was awesome to see grass!  I haven´t seen grass in forever.  And her house was 3 stories.  She asked if we wanted something to drink so we said yes and she had a maid as well.  She brought us something to drink and cake on a silver platter!  On the plate with the cake there were cheese chunks around the edges.  It was crazy.  The rich live better than the rich in the States.  There is just a huge difference in living standards between the rich and poor.  That night we went back to the poor area.  And it they don´t have much but there still are a lot of happy people.  And the members are even happier and live better even in the flavela.  I have seen the blessings that the gospel brings to peoples lives when they live it.  It really does bring happiness.  Money doesn´t do it...its just short term. 
It was a better week.  I just need to remember that i wont learn the language in one or 2 weeks.  It will takes months.  My comp is way cool so that helps out tons.

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