Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 41

Hey Family!

I just had the flu...like what flu really is not throwing up and stuff.  But i´m all good now.  Things are good here. 
We will have a baptism this week.  She is an elect.  I´ve never seen someone this elect on my mission.  She likes it all.  We did get a little scared this week because we went to her house and she said she wouldn´t be baptised.  We asked why and she told us that a J-Dub had come to her house and told her terrible things about our church.  How our bible doesn´t have the right people in it and stuff like this. After we explained it all she was like I knew that that lady was telling lies.  So she is still solid.  She has a testimony about this stuff already.
They have this ice cream shop here that is so good!  Every tuesday and wednesday they have a half price deal.  Its still pretty expensive at half price but its worth it.  I love ice cream.  We´ve gone once every week since I´ve been here.  I´m starting to get more creative and cook more.  I made peanut butter this week!  It actually turned out well.  It is similar to Adams peanut butter.  It was really easy to make.  Also I made pancake mix and i´ve got new pasta recepes.  I like my food better now.
It does sound like its been a crazy summer there.  The weather is really nice here.  I love it. Its not to hot or too cold.  At night its cool almost cold as well so I sleep well.  I can´t complain about the weather.  Its in the 70´s and 80´s in the day.  Its funny though because it was 83 and I felt cold the other day.  I guess you can get used to the warm.   But i think it was just because there was a cold breeze.
   This week we went to Porto Seguro for district meeting.  It was an hour car ride.  It was scary.  It felt like we were flying along but we were only going 55.  Its been a long time since i´ve been in a car going more than 30. 
Well I hope that its a good week for you all. 

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