Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 42

Hey family,
Wow it is hot there.  I´m liking the weather here right now.  It not that hot or cold.  Around the 80´s and 60 at night.  I do miss the snow though.  Hopefully i´ll be able to make it one more year without snow. 
We had a baptism this week that was a huge blessing.  Its always nice to see the change that comes over people after they start to live the gospel.  It is huge.  Most of the time I don´t think that they realize the change but they do change. 
Yesterday was crazy day.  We had to get up early to go find our investigators because they live a long way from the church.  To make things worse it was raining.  We have bikes in this area which does help.  We got the the house and only 1 person was willing to go with us.  I gave her a ride on the back of my bike.  It was horrible i almost died by the time we got to church and then we had to go back out and get other people in another area.  It wasn´t fun.  When we got everyone to church we went back to our apartment and dried off.  It was a difficult sunday.  Then after church the LZ had taken the bikes and left them in some random spot so we had to go find the bikes and by the time we got back to the church our investigator had left.  Hopefully she will continue to take the lessons and go to church.  Also we got a flat with the bike and had to walk to lunch.  We didn´t get to lunch until 2:30.  Only 1:30 late.  OH well i´m still alive, so i guess its was just one of those days that makes you stronger.
I had a really interesting bump in with a drunk guy the other day.  We were walking along this street and a guy stopped us at a restarant.  He wanted to buy us a coke.  We were like no we´re fine thanks.  He was talking about how good we were and then he was like you need new shoes i´ll buy you both new shoes. Then he asks me why i´m not married. I was like right now i´m not married because i´m serving a mission but after the mission i will for sure get married. He was like i want you to marry my daughter. She is really pretty.  Haha.  I was like ´thanks but no thanks.  Drunk people are crazy here...well probably everywhere. 
I love and miss you all.

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