Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 43

Hey Family,

 It is hot today here.  I´m not a huge fan of the heat.  I just die in it.  But its because its so humid.  It makes it a lot worse thats for sure.  The week here went quick.  The lady we gave a ride is still our investigator but i´m not sure for how much longer.  Her boyfriend and her are thinking about spliting up which means she will leave for another state.  We are going to meet with them tomorrow and show families can be together forever and try to help out.  Its just minor things that need to change.  But we did have a special experiece with her.  We went to her house at the begining of the week and followed up about church and stuff.  She really like it and started crying...she was like i know that God sent you two to teach me these things.  It was a very special experiece.  Half of the time it doesn´t feel like you´re making any difference at all when the whole world is shutting you down or being rude.  These experiences are the little bits of sunshine that help me go one more day.  I try to just take it a day at a time.
 My body is better here because there are less hills and stairs but in Salvador my knees were giving out on me.  It was terrible!  I hated it.  Oh well.  It´s better now not perfect.  Its hard because the mission does terrible things to your body.  I´ve never been this fat in my life and after the mission I hope its a long time before I ever get this fat again.  Oh well.
  I´ve started jump roping every p-day.  I´m always to tired to do it the other days.  But maybe i´ll start trying to be better about that.   
I love and miss you all.

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