Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 46

Hey Family,
It was a quick week for me here.  The weather has been that its been really hot here.  My body just doesn´t like the heat.  But i´m surviving better than my companion.  He got really ill and went to the hospital yesterday morning.  He is fine now.  He got a few shots and told him to stay out of the sun.  I guess this happened once before and he had to stay in the hospital for a few days.  I hope that my system holds up the hospitals scare me here.
I miss the temple so much.  I´d do practically anything to go to the temple right now.  Its crazy how many blessings we receive by going and the peace and spirit there just make it worth every effort to get there. 
I played soccer for the first time here.  It was really fun.  They said for an American I play really well.  Haha.  I´m really sore now from it.  I´m so out of shape.  But we will be playing again this week so hopefully i´ll be able to get back into shape a little.  There is this family in the ward that is difficult.  I thought they were just difficult about church stuff.  But during the game the man was mad the whole time.  There was this 9 year old playing and when he made mistakes he would yell at him.  Everyone was like calm down geez...we are just here for fun.  Wow its sad how serious some people take these things.  I´m serious about hockey but not like that.  Thats just stupid.  I don´t know how you could live your life and be mad the whole time.  Its not my type of life thats for sure.
One of the missionaries in the other dupla is from Argentina...Mendosa.  He was talking about how hard it is to learn spanish.  He was like good luck for the Americans that go to Argentina.  The language is hard.  So you learned it dad....parbèns.  And he is really cool!  But his companion is just annoying.  We´ve been doing a lot with them lately especially on P-day.  The argentino is a good cook.  We all split the cost and he cooks.  I like that.  I actually like to cook here but he knows recepies from memory and I don´t so it just doesn´t work well.
That is so true Dad.  I need to remember that more.  Patience is something that I lack.  I´m always looking to the future instead of living in the moment.  I need to enjoy the little things more.  It is so true they live on with a lot less here..i´m not so sure about the rich...the rich here have really nice stuff.  But the poor.  Thats the thing here there is no middle class there is only rich or poor.  And the difference is night and day. 
Well it was a pretty good week all in all.  I´m excited for this week. We have 2 referals that should be really solid! 
Well Í hope all is well there and that you continue to have fun in the hot weather.

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