Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 44

Hey Family,

This week was full of crazy stuff.  This morning there was someone that tried to break into the apartment next to ours.  They climbed up through a window on the bottom floor and were in this empty space that has air conditionars for the company on the first floor.  They climbed up and luckily knocked one of the air condiontionar units off and ran away through the window.  It was crazy how close they were to our apartment and we didn´t even know it until they knocked the unit of.  We will have to be a lot more careful to close all of our windows.  The building is always locked up so we didn´t really see a need but I guess during the day some people have the nerve or stupidity to try and rob.  I don´t understand people.  Also Saturday we had a freaky experience.  We were walking to a investigators house when in front of us a cop car stopped and 2 cops got out with their pistols in hand.  They confronted this guy and I thought I was going to see someone die right in front of me.  It was messed up.  I´m not going to lie I was so scared I just stood in one spot not moving.  Luckily the cops just reholstered their pistols and we went around.  I don´t like that kind of stuff.  Its doesn´t matter where you are seems like you can always find crime or danger.  I´m just thankful the Lord is watching out over us.  I know he is because things always seem to work out, when you wouldn´t think they could.
Today was transfers...the zone leaders got transfered to another area.  We only have one of the ZL in our zone the other got transfered to another zone.  It was very strange.  I feel that it will be better.  The zone seems a lot nicer now.  Hopefully things will be good.  We will see.  I´m excited for tomorrow though.  We got 2 referals from a member and one of the referals already commited to go to church.  Hopefully everything will pan out right. 
Well thats all from me.  I hope that things go well for you all there.  This last week was really hot the weather still hot there or did it get cold again?  Also when you went to Helana was all of montana on fire like it usually is?
Love and miss you all,

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