Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 39

The area i´m in now is called Eunòpolis.  Its 12 hours from Savador.  Its a lot better than Salvador but still the same stuff.  The middle of the city is like a strip mall.  There are just tons of stores for blocks.  We live in the middle of the city above some stores.  Its not a bad location.  It is nice here because it does get cold here.  It is a strange feeling to be cold after being hot for 3 months.  I like the cold.  We had a zone activity here today but it really wasn´t fun.  It took forever to cook the food and nothing really happened.  Poor planning is what it boils down too.  My new companion is a good guy. He is a Brazilian and doesn´t know english.  Its all good though.  We get along just fine.
Sounds like there is a lot of good fruit this year.  They have a fruit here called Acaí.  Its really good.  Other than that though I´m not a huge fan of the fruit here. 


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