Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 38

This week was crazy!  At district meeting we got chewed out by our district leader because he said our numbers weren´t good enough.  He was like if you don´t start getting more people from you english class you won´t be able to do it.  We have the second most baptisms in our district and our district overall was the highest baptising in the mission.  I think its just because he is short and likes to have power.  Oh well.  We had a baptism this week of one of our English students.  He is way cool and we reactivated his grandparents.  They are way solid now. 
There is this guy in our ward that is schizophrenic.  He has been a help at time with getting referals but today he told us that the millenium has already started and that Armageden will start in December.  We were like who told you this.  His reply was the Lord.  He´s out there.  Oh well.
So I still don´t know where I´m being transfered or if I am yet.  We will find out today some time.  I want to leave.  I really don´t like my area.  But my companion is cool so it is a double edged sword. 
  But I think that I´m going to the interior because they want me to come to the office to do something with my visa and you have to have a paper with your visa info to go the interior.
So this week was a holiday.  It was terrible.  All of the people here were drunk, playing loud music and throwing fireworks all over the place and the fireworks here are just loud they don´t do anything cool.  I hate it. 
Well I hope that everything continues to go well at home and that the weather continues to get warmer for you there.  The farmers need some warm weather.

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