Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So Moscow is finally going into summer now.  Its about time.  It is getting cooler here.  I enjoy it more now.  But its always hot...its just less hot now. 

We haven´t started the english class yet. It will start on Wednesday.  BYU has created a book that has lesson plans for the class so it should be pretty straight forward to teach.  We will see though.  Right now we have 30 non-members signed up to take it.  It has gotten so big that the employment department for the church here is working with us.  They are donating supplies and stuff for it.  So that is a big plus.  Hopefully it works out for the best.  We will see though.

The drug raid wasn´t too close to our appartment.  It was a little ways away.  But they were walking down the street when we saw them so I´m not exactly sure where it was.  My area right now boarders the most dangerous area in the mission.  So that is why we always see cops here.  I liked Engenho Velho more.  Most of the members here are really cool.  So that is a plus.  They are the only thing that makes this area work.  Knocking doors is a flop.  No one accepts because the area is small and has been knocked so many times.  Its really frustrating.  Hopefully it gets better.  We are starting to get more referals so that is a plus.

The view here is pretty sweet.  But our apartment is a dump.  Its horrible.  We don´t have water all the time and its just crap.  I´d rather just have a good apartment because we can´t even do anything at the beach.  And actually the beaches here suck because people throw trash all over the place.  Its really annoying.  All the missionaries tell me constantly the rest of Brsil isn´t this bad.  Only Bahia is.  So I guess i went to one if not the most gettho part of Brasil.  Oh well.  There still are some cool things here.  So far I just haven´t found anything that would make me want to come back after the mission.  Its just too dangerous here.  I guess a lot of it is because when the cops did the raids in Rio all the drug dealers came here.  Or that is the word on the street.  Now the cops are trying to clean them out here.  Hopefully it gets better.

This week we had a division because we needed to have the district leader interview some of our investigators for baptism.  I went to his area and there we were able to teach a lot of lessons.  It felt really good to be able to teach again.  That is pretty much the only part I like about the mission is the teacher and helping people change their lives for the better.  But we haven´t had success here to be able to do that.  Hopefully that will change.  We did have 2 baptisms this week.  That was a blessing but other than that the week seemed really bad.  I hope that this next week is better. 

I love and miss you all,

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