Friday, June 17, 2011

This was a crazy week. The week started out really good.  We have zone conference on tuesday.  It was really good!  Elder Hales said that it was one of the best he has seen.  I learned a lot there.  But then things just started to go downhill.  It was a hard week during the middle.  Its really hard to find people tracting here.  All of our solid people are from referals.  We are trying to get the members to help more.  They are pretty good but the more help the better.  The english class is a huge sucess.  We have 50 or more people going.  And each day we keep getting more.  I think that they shut the doors to the class because there just isn´t room for more people.  I´m glad that Elder Hales is good at the Portugues because I´ve only been teaching a little bit and its really hard when I can´t really explain myself in Portugues.  We also have gotten 3 references because of the class.  Hopefully we will continue to get people to teach from the class.  It is also nice because it gives us something to do at night.  Nights are slow here and most of the time its a pain to find successful things to do. 
One of our recent converts has been really nice to us.  Everytime we go over there she makes us something to eat.  We had something that was similar to an elephant ear.  It was so good!  I love Elephant ears.  And then she also made this tea from some plant. I got the name of it somewhere.  It was way good though.
Yesterday at lunch we had Bahian food.  I was worried at first because the first time I had it I didn´t like it.  But this was diferent and it was really good.  It was some of the best food I´ve had on the mission here in Brasil.  I guess its just on how you prepare it if its good or not.  But the food overall has been a lot better here in this area.  I think its just because there is more money in this area.
I had a cool experience yesterday.  After church we went to a recent converts house because she hasn´t been going to church.  We had a really good talk with her.  I was able to talk about leaving the church and coming back in and shared a scripture and stuff.  After she was talking to Elder Hales and she said Elder Parsons doesn´t talk much but when he does it is beautiful.  It wasn´t me talking if it was beautiful it was the spirit because I know I was making a lot of mistakes.  But most of the time they can understand what I´m trying to say.  At times I can understand when people are saying and participate in the conversation.  But a lot of the time I just get really lost and don´t know how to say because I don´t understand.  Its starting to come...slowly but surely.  I just have to continue to have patience.
Its been another week.  I´m hoping things pick up here.  I think that they are starting to a little.  I hope all is well at home and that the weather continues to get better.


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