Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 69

Hey Family,

Another week down and lot has happened.  This week were were lucky to find a lot of new investigators.  Finally stuff just started to click this week.  It was nice to feel that things were working out finally.  I´m just hoping that these people progress.  You are right Dad about not giving up on people.  We will drop them for a while and return later to try and help them realize that there is a a difference when we are there and when we´re not.  Hopefully they will progress this time around.  We will see though. 
This week something interesting happened.  The military police went on strike...which means only 30% of the police force is in operation.  So there have been these raids where people break into stores or enter stores and steal everything.  The only thing left are the shelves!  It is really messed up.  We have been put on high alert and have to call in 3 times a day to our district leaders to report we are ok.  Where i´m at we haven´t had any problems but in other areas it is really dangerous.  It is more dangerous now for us but so far no problems and i´m hoping/praying it stays that way. 
It has been really hot this week.  But at night its raining so it cools down which is so nice.  It is miserable to sleep when its hot.  It just doesn´t work out.  The worst part is its only going to get hotter.  Hopefully these months pass by fast and it will be winter again when its only in the 80´s not 90´s. 
Well sorry this is a short letter.  I think i´m forgetting how to write.  It´s probably just because a lot of the same stuff happens every week so it doesn´t seem different to me so I don´t write about it.  Oh well.  I love and miss you all. 

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