Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 68

Hey family,

Well this week was an interesting week. It was super tired by the end.  But i guess that means time will go by faster.  My new companion is a greenie.  He is brasilian.  Its a little annoying to have to train.  He is always asking how to do this and that.  He said that he manly stayed in house at home.  I can see that because he was asking how to use the washing machine.  Thank you for teaching me common sense and how to do stuff.  I guess I took it for granite but there are a lot of people that have troubles here because they don´t know how to do anything.  I´m just trying to remember that he wants to learn and that is a good part.  I´m just hoping he learns faster than later because I don´t have patience to train I don´t think.  Too many things that try a persons patience on a mission.  
Oh the Nielsons the parents of David in the ward sent me a card.  If you see them can you thank them.  It was really good to see and read about their family.  
This week we are going to be doing a house cleaning with our investigators.  We don´t really have anyone progressing.  We´re going to get rid of them and find new ones that want to progress and will.  Hopefully this week it will be successful.  We did have the oportunity to teach a lot of of different people this week.  It is so interesting how there are literally bits and pieces of truth in all religions but there is always something missing and a lot of the time the people have questions about these details.  The only problem is getting them to follow.  We had one investigator that received an answer about the Book of Mormon and the church.  She new it was all true but can´t change the stuff in her life to actually follow what she knows is true. I think this is the sadess part of a mission...getting to the point that you can´t help people anymore.  Oh well we can only do so much.  
Well I hope all is going well there and that you´re not too cold.  Its still hot here.  But i think that i´m getting a little used to it.  It almost is uncomfortable in the air conditioning.  Well good luck.
I love and miss you all,

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