Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 65

Hey Family,
Well this week was a lot better for the help of the members.  The ward mission leader had a temporary job and it ended so we have been leaving with him a lot this week.  He is also preparing to serve a mission so its a good preparation for him as well.  It makes it so much nicer to leave with a member.  The environment is better because there is someone else there to help out.  Being around the same person everyday for practically every minute does wear some people down like me.  It was kind of funny when I came back to Salvador on the bus I was alone and everyone was like that must have been really weird.  I was just like actually it was extremely nice.  OH well.
So there was some good experiences this week.  The other day it was about time to go home and we didn´t know what to do.  So I was like oh lets just pass this house and see if this member can go to a lesson some day with us.  When we got there she was super sick and we were able to give her a blessing.  She was like I know this wasn´t a conincidence....i´m not sure if it was divine or not but it was a good experience none the less.
This Sunday a member left lunch in the church fridge for us.  We were all stoked because there was tons.  But we found out later that night that we had taken half of the food of another person.  I felt bad but it did taste good.  I guess the sister giving us lunch wasn´t as generous as we thought.
We had been teaching a really good investigator this week.  He was on the internet and read a lot of the anti-mormon stuff and still wanted to learn more and was eating it up.  But he told us the other day that we was leaving to go back to college he studyings in Campinas, São Paulo.  So we will be giving a reference.  I hate how that works out.  But oh well it will be a good investigator for them.
It is so crazy how much different Salvador is to the interior.  The people are so much more closed and unfriendly here.  I think its just a big city thing.  I´m more of a fan of the interior where people are nice.  But we don´t get to choose where we go to.
Love and miss you all,Garrett

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