Monday, January 2, 2012

Week 64

Hey family,
It  is so crazy that it is already 2012!  I can´t believe it.  I´ll be home this year!    
The new year here wasn´t all that great.  It wasn´t super loud because everyone left for the beach to watch the fireworks.  But there were some people that shot of fireworks and we watched those from our house.  But it would have been cooler if we could have seen the fireworks from the beach.   We tried to buy meat to have a BBQ but everything was closed at 8 pm.  They really do like there parties here so much that they  close everything.  So we had the new year with little food. Oh well. 

I think with it being the year i´ll get home i´m starting to miss everything more.  It would be nicer if I could forget what America or where we live offers.  But i think it was also it was because this week was tough.  We just met a  lot of jerks.  I don´t think i´m prepared for  Salvador.  The people are just so much nicer in the interior and its just nicer there.  Maybe President will send me back one of these days.  I hope so at least. 
This week we tried to get the help of the members.  But we would show up to leave with them and they would just give a lame excuse why they couldn´t go.  It looks like they are more talk than action here.  Hopefully thats not true and we can get some help this week. 
 Reading the Book of Mormon is an awesome goal.  I finished it in Portugues like 2 weeks ago.  Now i´m starting to read it in spanish.  I´ll see if i keep that up.  Spanish is a lot different.  I want to learn spanish but i might just wait until after the mission...we will see. 
Well i hope that you all have a good week there.
love and miss you all,

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