Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 67


That is crazy that Moscow got hammered with so much snow that it made news in Utah.  But it sounds like it was crappy snow.  Well its as hot as ever here.  95-100 everyday.  I´m getting backed thats for sure...i´m using sun screen so don´t worry.
So I´m getting a new companion which is a blessing because i can´t stand my companion any more.  He is so annoying.  Its just a thing of most of the missionaries from São Paulo.   They think they are better than everyone else.  Its annoying.  I have no clue who my new comp is so i´m hoping he´s cool.
The new program that we learned is about using the book of mormon to answers question of the soul.  Its not really new its always been in the book of mormon it just hasn´t been used on this scale.  But its really cool and does work.  Just imagine receiving an answer to a question you´ve had your whole life.  Thats proof right there.  
I´m hoping the area will get better but i´m pretty sure it will only get worse.  Carnival is in 2 weeks.  Everyone says it is just hell here during carnival.  It seems like that now.  They have like no standards here at all and it suppose to get worse.  I guess i need to get prepared.  Hopefully its not too bad.

Well I hope that the roads are better there and that all is well. I miss and love you all.

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