Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 66

Hey Family,

Wow so this week was a interesting.  I was involved in my first emergency transfer.  We got a call wednesday at noon and they were like Elder Pusey my old comp you´re leaving in an hour and Elder Miranda will be there.  It was a huge surprise.  We were just starting to get used to each other and things were wokring out better.  Oh well.  Elder Miranda is a great missionary he is just a bit annoying sometimes really annoying as a person.  Oh could be a very short time that we are together.  Transfer are this next week.  But I´m learning a lot from him that i´ll be using in the future to teach and baptise people. 
Zone conference was this week.  It was really good.  I learned a lot of good stuff that will help in out.  There is a new program that the mission is using to teach.  It is so cool and really does help people gain a stronger testimony.  I wish i´d know about this earlier in my mission.  But at least I know now about it.  We are starting to implement it and we should have a baptism this week and the next and its our goal to just keep it going like this.  But we will have to keep working hard to make it all work out in the end.
There is a new Elder here from Spokane.  It was cool to talk to someone that new Moscow and that area.  I´ve been gone forever.  It is so weird that everyone is almost home.  I don´t have that much time left either.  The members are saying that now which makes things harder.  Don´t remind me so that I don´t get too trunky....haaha.
The spanish book of morman i got from a member in the ward.  I was saying that I wanted to learn spanish and he just gave me a book of mormon in spanish one day.  I didn´t complain. Its so much different than portuguese.  I´m not reading it to much anymore because I think it was ruining my Portugues.  But now that I have a Brazilian comp I might start again. 
Today was a pretty good day.  We went to an area close to where we are at that Elder Miranda used to work in. There are some really cool members there.  There is a family that returned missionaries they live in the USA but were here for the christmas break.  They were really cool.  And were talking about the states and the snow and I started to get all excited.  Haha...i miss the snow.  Then we went Bowling with a couple other elders.  Its was fun except the bowling alley was a peice of garbage.  At least we had fun. 

Well I love and miss you all.  I hope that all goes well.

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