Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 72

Hey family!
Well this week was a lot better than the last.  We had a lot more success.  Finally!  I´m tired of all the partying they do here.  But it went well.  We got another person to church and should have one or 2 baptism these next weeks here if everything goes well.  But we will see.  At times there are things that happen to throw off the expected.  
During Carnival the people leave for 2 places.  Either the interior of Bahia or the Island which is near Salvador.  I hear its really really cool there but we´re not allowed to go there on the mission.  Oh well.
  So we were able to teach a lot more lessons this week.  I think we doubled the lessons we taught, so that was really cool.  It helps a lot when we´re having success.  The time is starting to go by super fast.  It finally was a week without anything to strange happening.  We didn´t have to worry about partying or crazy people, what a blessing!
  Caiden is 4!  That is super crazy!  I can´t believe that he is getting so old.  And that is weird that he´s gotten shy all of the sudden.  He wasn´t like that before.  I guess its a stage that most people go through and some for more time than others.  But i´m going to be 23 and that seems so crazy to me.  I´m old!  I don´t need anything.  Just send pictures or something creative.  I love those things they really help me out.  
Well i love and miss you all.

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