Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 73

Hey Family,
Well it was an interesting week.  It was extra hot this week.  I almost died it was so hot.  But its cooler now so hopefully it will stay that way.  Its starting to go into fall so that is a huge blessing.   I did feel cold the other day.  But I think thats just because i walk around all day when its 95 and then at night whens its 75 it feels cold.  I´ll die when i get home but i´m so ready to actually feel cold.  I really miss the cold.  
The end of this week was terrible.  It is sad how distinct the sin is here.  All you can smell is alcohol and BO on Saturday and Sunday.  And then what you see is worse.  It makes me really appreciate what we have in America.  Quiet...I don´t even remmeber what that is or privacy.
So this week we will have a baptism.  I`m excited about that.  Its been too long.    Transfers came and I´m still with my same companion.  I`m not too happy about that but I´m not the one that gets to choose these things.  Hopefully it will work out alright.  The only good thing is that the zone leaders in our house are way legit.   
This whole week I was drinking maté!   With the quia and bomba!  Its so good.  And then if you drink it with a piece of chocolate in your mouth its even better!    Today we had a BBQ as well at our house.  The 4 of us.  It was really tasty.  It made me think of home and summer time. I miss eating meat.  They don´t eat very much here.  Its  just beans and rice.   
So easter is huge here.  Its one of the bigger holidays that they have.  Last year we did an egg exchange and they said they´ll do it this year as well so i´m stoked about that.  Also i know where i´ll be going for my birthday...the same place as last year!  So that is the good thing about staying one more transfer.  
This week i did an exchange with my companion from Eunàpolis!  It was so good to talk about the old days and how things are.  It is crazy how fast time goes by.  Its almost been 6 months since he was my companion.   I could be his companion again but i don´t think that will happen.  
Well another week down.  I miss and love you all.

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