Monday, March 26, 2012

Well I´ll write even though you forgot about me.  We had a pretty good week this week.  We were blessed by finding 2 elects.  They had already been to church multiple times and just weren´t baptised for one reason or another.  They are super excited now and progressing.  I`m hoping that they will continues to progress.  If everything works out they will be baptised this weekend.  Conference and baptisms!  What better combo can you get.  
So we have reactived a really cool famliy.  They are so nice and are helping us out a lot with the work.  They found out about my birthday and were like we are going to make you cake!  So i´m stoked about that.  I`ll get cake from them and then another member will invite me over because the 13 is her sisters birthday so i´ll get cake 2 days in a row.  I celebrated my birthday in her house last year she is super cool.  I love that family as well.  That is the good thing about being in an area for a long time you get to know the members well and they do things for us.  Makes the work so much more fun.
So the other day I was on a division with a member and I made a contact with the drug trafficers.  Invited them to hear our message and go to church.  They didn´t accept but they were like can walk anywhere in this area.  Please come back again.  So it just got a lot safer there.  If they are on your side you have nothing to worry about.  But the member was a little bit scared about it.  
So crazy story.  My comp from the MTC is in the area of one of the mssionaries that is serving here.  We used to live in the same house together and I was talking about how we always drank maté at night.  His mom got super excited and was like i´ll send him a cuia and bomba.  So i´m going to be getting stuff from another mission.  I don´t even know his mom.  But i´ll send her a letter thanking her.  Another birthday present.  Hopefully its a good cuia.  But i can´t complain she is sending it for free that was super nice of her.
Well I hope that all is well there.  I´m trying to think about what has happened but i´m not sure what more to write.  
I love and miss you all,

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