Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey family!
It was a crazy week.  It went by super super fast!  But we finally had a baptism!  So we were stoked about that.  We had given up on him but then we passed by this week and he was like i want to be baptised.  It was crazy.  Just shows we need to be patient with people and they will progress at their own rate of speed.  
We had a lot of spiritual experiences this week.  One of our investigators that we had given a part in the Book of Mormon to read was like that night I wasn´t going to read.  I didn´t want to.  But there was something that kept telling me I needed to read it.  So I read it and i felt really good.  It is crazy how the spirit works.  The lord really is preparing people we just have to find them.
Also we had a family night this Friday at a less actives who we got to invite some friends that weren´t members.  We did a message about the book of mormon.  It went super well.  She is stoked and wants to learn more.  She is inviting us to her birthday and everything!  That will be cool.  Cake and a future baptism. 
 We are starting to have success though so thats good.  Also that night we went to a members house that was celebrating the birthday of her mom and an Elder we live with.  The member is so cool and it was a lot of fun. 
Oh Sunday we came home that night and there was a birthday party for a young kid so because its brasil everyone was extremely drunk!  But as i was going by this guy grabbed my arm and was like hey take a picture.  I didn´t want to but he would let go of me so i´m probably going to be on facebook or youtube with a drunk guy just what i want.  Elder Polatis a kid that live in our house just laughed.  He was with me when it happened.
So it was the first week in the Branch.  We had 45 people.  A big jump from 170.  But it was good.  It looks like everyone wants to work more and help us baptise people.  I´m hoping that we can have success and help this branch grow.  If the members help it will grow!
Did you get a letter with a arrival photo in it?  When i got here to brasil not california.  If not let me know and i´ll get one sent or tell the office to send one. 

I´ll send some pictures.  We went to the levador today.  It was pretty good.  Got some good pictures.
Well i love and miss you all,

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