Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey family!
What a week!  A moose in the yard. That is crazy.  Its big too.  Hopefully it doesn´t do too much damage to anything there. 
So its going into spring there.  Its finally going into fall here.  It rained a couple of days this week which was so nice.  It has been so hot here.  I`m ready for a cool down.  Everyone has been saying its almost winter.  Haha winter to me doesn´t exist unless there is snow or its cold. Winter here is 88 degrees.  
This week was really rough for us. Our baptism fell because he met a girl that talked bad about the church.  Then we had problems leaving with members and finding news.  But this sunday the ward split.  So I´ll be in the branch now.  That is exciting.  I´m hoping that we can get some help from the members and make it a ward fast.   My comp and I aren´t doing super good together.  We just don´t see eye to eye on like anything.  Hopefully we can find some common ground somewhere or it will be an extremely long 5 weeks.  We do have  plans this week that should help us get more news.  Hopefully people that want to progress as well.  
So i´m going to the eye docter this next week.  My eye is super bad its really bugging me.  But i don´t think it will effect you guys at all.  I think the exam is paid for by the mission and the lenses i´ll buy with some money that i´ve got here.  I know a elder that is in good with an eye doctor so i think i can get hooked up really cheap.  AT least i´m hoping so.  The exam is on the 20th so if there is something you want me to get at the exam just let me know next email.
So the mate here is called mate chimarrão.  I think that its about the same or the same as what we had at home.  I didn´t see much of a difference.  I´ve just gotten used to the bitterness.  Actually it doesn´t even seem bitter to me anymore. Its just super good!  
Oh and we just changed from daylight savings time a couple of weeks ago.  Worst idea ever.  The time we´re in now is so much better.  I don´t like daylight savings.  
Well thanks for the pictures as well.  I hope that its a good week for everyone.

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