Monday, April 2, 2012

Hey family,

  I don´t know what you consider cooler but it feels a little cooler at times.  Actually i just thinks its because the sun goes down so early.  Its like 95 during the day but the sun is down by 5:30 which is so awesome.  Makes this place bareable.
Is it flooding there like that one year it was really bad or just flooding in spots?  Sounds like it has been a messed up year.  Or messed up spring there.
So we had 2 baptisms that were planned this week.  Unfortunately they both got cold feet.  They will be baptised though this week.  I´ve got faith.  One of them we needed the moms permission because she is younger than 18.  When we got there she was completely against it.  Just closed heart all the way.  But i was able to explain why we were there and why baptism is important.  In the end she accepted to sign the sheet.  It was all the spirit on that one because she wasn´t having it in the start.  It was a testimony builder for me. 
Conference was good.  I enjoyed it.  We were able to get 5 people there, that was a huge blessing and we are super excited about that.  We are finally starting to have success here in our area.  I´m so stoked about that.  Hopefully it will continue to go that way.  The only thing that could make it better is a cool companion but we don´t always get what we want.  Well it should be a good week.  We could have 5 baptised this week if no one falls but i´m thinking only 3 will be baptised.  But we will pray for all of them. 
Well have a good week.  Love and miss you all,

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