Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey Family!
So guess what i´m the same area.  Haha.  I think President forgot about me here.  Oh well also i´m with the same companion.  Things are getting better though with him so thats good.  I´m sad though because my friend one of the zone leaders that lived in our house got transfered.  It kind of sucks.  He saved me....we helped each other out because we both had bad companions for a long time.  But his companion misses him as well.  But we´ve already planned before he left after the mission we are going to go to Vegas together us 3.  So that will be fun.  Go to some concerts!  Anyways.
So I got the birthday package today.  It got sent to El Salvador it just got here.  Its crazy how good the mail system is.  Oh well.  Thanks so much.  I loved the picture book and man granola bars.  I forgot all about those but they were delicious and the other candy as well.  
Oh my glasses.  I´m not a fan of them.  I don´t think they know how to do things here in Brazil.  They are alright but the quality is just so much crappier than my other ones.  I´m want to get another exam when I get back.  I´m pretty sure the exam was paid for by the mission and then i bought the lenses with some reserve that I had so i´ll just get better stuff on the plan when i get home.  They should hold up for the rest of the time that i´ve got here, or at least I hppe so.  
So this week we found 2 really cool investigators.  One of them Tacio and man had bought a book of mormon.  We were like well we give them for free so you bought it from a non member.  But he hadn´t really ever read it because people said bad things about it.  When we explained what the book of mormon was he got super excited.  He was like a book that compliments the Bible!  I love the bible and to have more knowledge...who wouldn´t want that!?  I was like that is a good question but many people don´t want it unfortunately.  But he´s super stoked to read.  Only problem he goes to college in another city and is only here every other weekend.  Other investigator Robson.  He is great as well.  We explained the book of mormon to him and gave him some homework to do.  He did it and the next lesson was awesome.  He was like I know that its true and i´m working towards baptism!  So we are stoked about that.  They are blessings for sure.  Hopefully we can find more people like them.  
This week should be awesome....well at least Thursday.  An Apostle is coming to talk to us.  He is in the presidency of the 70!  There will be 2 zones from our mission and 2 from the other mission here in Salvador that will get to watch it.  I love hearing and learning from these things!  
So crazy story.  This week we were walking and some guy starting asking us a question.  He was like are you guys from the same church as Mitt Romney?  I didn´t understand how he was saying Mitt Romney at first but then I got it and was like yeah.  He was like awesome I hope he wins!  I love the USA and its great that they have someone running that puts God first.  We also got a return appointment to talk to him.  I´ll talk to anyone that loves the USA....haaha..jk but its a plus.  But its crazy how Mitt Romney running is making the church´s name get out not just in the USA but in the World.  Great news.

I love and miss you all,

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