Monday, April 9, 2012

Hey family,
Wow so what a week.  It started out awesome.  We were having success and things were going well and then it blew up on us in the end.  3 of our baptisms fell.  2 becuase the parents would sign the form and the last one because she doesn´t want to change some things in her life, but knows its true.  And then the one that got baptised wasn´t comfirmed because she left with her dad for the day.  And to top it off my wonderful companion got us into a bunch of trouble but i´m the one that took the burn.  So right now our teaching group mainly consists of girls because we have only been getting references from girls from the ward.  Not by my doing i´d rather teach men.  So i guess someone made a comment about this and my comp was like yeah well you got to do what works...or some stupid comment like that.  Making it seem like we are stokers only looking for girls.  Anyways the President of the Branch called the mission President and now we´re on tight watch because of the misunderstanding.  The most annoying part is after this incidents my comp is like i was just kidding....i just want to say well your sense of humor sucks and its been getting us in trouble.  This isn´t the first time its happened.  I can´t stand him anymore...i´m praying that I get a cool companion my next transfer.  I would like to leave here as well but i might stay because its probably my comp will leave because the mission prez is mad at him.  what can you do?
So yeah we have been mainly finding our baptisms by reference.  We knock doors but they usually don´t last that long as investigators and the ones that progress are the references of members.  Its crazy how its never just one thing bad that happens but its like when something bad happens the snow ball effect happens.  I´m praying it gets better.  It´s been a very stressful week and my companion doesn´t help the process.  I´m ready to not have this stress anymore.
Well changing the subject.  Still snowing there that is crazy.  Its starting to cool down here a little.  Its not super super hot just hot now.  Hopefully it will cool down even more.  We will see though.  

Sorry if this email just sound like i´m complaining.  I be better next week.  Thanks for the pictures!

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