Monday, May 7, 2012

Hey Family,
Well it´s been another week.  Today we went to the Barra.  Its along the beach front.  It was pretty fun.  Got some pretty cool photos there.  I´ve been doing a lot with my old comp thats here in Salvador.  Its been really fun to meet up again and see the sites here in Salvador.  A good break from my companion as well. 
So this week we had some good success finding news.  We are teaching the rest of the family of our recent convert.  We did a family night in there house and it went super well.  Everyone liked it and wanted to learn more.  So it was a huge success.  We are hopefully going to baptise 2 of them this week because they´ve already been to church with us before and then the other 4 next week.  But we will see what happens. 
So I got my glasses done here and the other day they fell and cracked up near the frame.  I brought them in to get checked out and the guy was like i wont know the answer until tomorrow. So i guess i´ll be using contacts for another day.  Oh well.  But hopefully they´ll replace the lense.  It isn´t too bad because it cracked in a spot thats not in the direct line of sight.  But its still annoying.  But we will see.

 I´m excited to talk to you all Sunday!  It will be an awesome present for the end of the week.
I love and miss you all,

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