Monday, May 28, 2012


Hey family,
Wow so it was a week!  Where i´m at is called Teotonia Vilela it is ghetto!  I feel like i´m living in Genese or Potlatch.  But its a pretty good area to work or at least these few days were good.  When I got here is was so so cold!  I almost died.  I wasn´t sleeping well because i was freezing and would walk around the house with all my clothes and shoes on because i was dying haha funny how our bodies get used to stuff after time.  My new companion is Brazilian.  He is pretty cool or at least for this week he was.  The house is good and dry.  But the shower broke and there is only cold water.  We have to buy another shower head we should get one tomorrow or the owner is getting one.  It was about 8 hours by bus here.  I´m hoping that its a good area.
Sounds like there will be a lot of awesome food when I get home.  I love barbecue.  And i´m tired of beans and rice so it will be a great change.  I used to be fat for ever but in these last 2 months i´ve lost around 10 pounds.  I´m like at my normal weight now.  I feel better as well.  I just need to get back into shape now.  And with the smoker you can make jerky!  So that would be awesome.  
Well next week i´ll try to load pictures.  It seems like the internet is pretty good here in this lan house so we will see.  
Mom....can you send me a photo of the that´s really good and would look good on the wall.  Also if there is of the guys  Dad, Ryan and I or Dad and I or something like that.  Thanks.
So I got my flight plans i´ll send you them.  I`m going into Spokane.  I not sure why.  If you think it´d be better I can see what I can do to get it into Lewiston.  But i´m not sure.

Well I love and miss you all,

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