Monday, May 21, 2012


Hey Family!

So it was a crazy week!  We were running around trying to get a lot of people ready for baptism.  In the end only 1 or 6 were baptised.  A lot of them didn´t feel quite ready to make that step in their life.  But i feel that this next Saturday they will be baptised.  Sad thing is I wont be here to see it.  But i´m happy to leave as well.  I´m going to Ilheus!  Its in the interior of Bahia.  Its next to the beach like it is here so that should be sweet.  I´m hoping that its cool there.  I´ve been so ready for a change.  It has been rough with my companion for 4.5 months!  I´m not sure how I got through it....well actually I do it was the people in my house that saved me.  But it should be a good change.  The only part that i´m not happy about it the bus.  I really don´t want to have to be on a bus all night.  Its the worst.  
It is crazy to see the change in people when they just accept.  We have been working with a family for a while and they are just so much happier now that they are living the commandments more closely.  Its a night and day difference.  That is one of the things that i´ll miss after the mission.  Is see the gospel really change people.  I wont be able to see that on the same level anymore after the mission.  A less active just told us the other day how much she is grateful that we found her.  I remember the day I knocked into her house when I was doing a division.  She wasn´t all that happy and didn´t want a whole lot to do with the church.  But we just started to teach her and know she is so happy and has a calling in the church.  The change is crazy!
So the weather is getting cold again here.  It´s feels a lot colder than it really is.  Its in like the 70´s but it actually feels cold.   Its crazy how your body does get used to the heat after time.  I do love the cold though.  It makes me think of hockey.  The worst part though is its been raining so much that they are having mud slides and the roads are all messed up.  Our house was completely wet inside as well.  The roofs here suck.  They have the stupid tile that is good for nothing.  So all of my stuff is wet and i´m leaving for a new area tomorrow.  Hopefully my new house will be good. 
Well i´m hoping the new area is sweet and that i´ll like it.  It could easily be my last area since i only have these 2 transfers left on my mission!  We will see.

I love and miss you all,

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